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I have an amazing high energy buzz right now after teaching a great class (if I say so myself) last night and another one this morning. More I teach more I believe I’m so on the right path. It gives me that feeling of fullness and happiness I craved from a job for a long time. And seeing the students smiling and content literally makes my heart burst! I almost cried of joy this morning! ✨
And talking about full, happy hearts, it’s day 5 of and for today we lifting the hips up high into ~ with this pose we really start opening our heart. We stretch chest, neck and spine and we’re strengthening the back.
And I might add, as holistic benefit, a supported bridge works wonders as a relief during menstruation 😉 just throwing out there! .
Happy freaking Friday my beautiful people!! Sending you lots of love and wishing you all the best of the weekends! 😘 .
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