It’s the #Oscars and Hollywood’s biggest night!
So let me go ahead and take this “L” right on the chin for Baywatch.
Win some, lose some, but hey... that’s the way love goes.
@RazzieAwards #Baywatch💩🥪 #AndTheWinnerLosesOn




I love baywatch though!


I like that movie I watch it all the time 🙂


omg i love baywatch!!!!!!! 😍😍😍💗💗😂


@martinezlouisa maybe you need to develop some interests or work on your personality a bit


@mananbatra1.0 dog people are cool!!!


Thanks again @therock for wearing our shirt for your IG post. You wear it well in every way, especially your positive attitude ‼️


@wittenbergjoe how did baywatch get a ‘razzie’ fricking loved that film


if so thank you a lot but ur not gonna follow me back so what’s the point


I LOVE UR SHIRT. WHERE DID U GET IT BC I LOVEEEEEEEE DOGS THEYRE MY WHOLE LIFE. also... a recent dog of mine died and i was emotionally upset so please follow back for me ? pls


Baywatch was a dope flick! The biggest star on the planet and you embrace this just as much as your successes. This is what makes you the man! #Respect


That’s my uncles shirt


@annaruetz das Shirt haha das ist dein Mann




@payton_wardell buy a shirt for your dad


@cyclic_roadiez well. If it is not to expancive hehe


@cortez1024 do you need this.?


@therock i love ur shirt!!!


Forget the rotten tomatoes and critics, baywatch was frickin hilarious I'd be excited for number two.


Perfect shot! 👍


Rock you make the best movies I love those Fast and Furious action movies keep up the good work


Dope shirt!!! 😎😎😎


I liked the movie, i didn’t think it was bad


The Kitna Chahta Hoon Pari na mere paas paise nahi hai America getting sikhne ki aap ko Chale toh kar sakte hain


i love you


Nice shot✌️

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