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Every woman who was nominated is a winner!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯




That first woman that stood up why she look like the fairy god mother on shrek

Ik this is like super late, but I just want to point out that it was literally International Women's Day. Women stood up and got applauded. We're nowhere near taking over the world guys chill out πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€


She is a goddess


@ all the (men) commenters complaining, let me explain the point of this to you, since you clearly do not grasp the concept nor understand the film industry. first, it was international women's day. now, onto the more important point: just decades ago, the only women there would have been actresses or wives of men present. no woman would have been there for any other reason. a woman was not allowed to be a director, or producer, or screenwriter, or cinematographer. she was an actress as the lover of the main male character. the point of the women standing up was to show how far the film industry has come- we have women in every sector of the film industry now. but, it was also to show how far we need to go. there are still few women in any of those parts, and even fewer who get nominated for awards. this was to both show how far women in film have come, but also to show where they need to go. there is still a great imbalance in the film industry when it comes to behind-the-scenes, but it is being corrected every day. this was to acknowledge that constant improvement- women in the film industry have more than just acting careers, and the actresses these days are not just the main character's love interest. women roles are more complex, THEY are the main characters at times, they are more than just there to look pretty. this whole standing up thing was to show how much of an improvement that is, and to showcase it on international women's day, a day when it SHOULD be acknowledged.


@keynilie a) this was international women's day. b) this was to show how far women have come in the film industry. just some decades ago, there would have been only actresses present. now, there are directors, cinematographers, producers, screenwriters, and the like that are female. even so, there are few women in those and other parts of the film industry, and even fewer that get nominated. this move was to both show how far women in film have come but also to show where they need to go.


@futuristic_m_e are you fucking kidding me? film is NOT just acting dumbass. you do realise theres more behind the scenes? who else would tell the actors what to do? create costumes? do the scenery? FILM IT? women for centuries in western and eastern cultures alike were NOT ALLOWED to do anything besides cook, clean, and push out babies. for centuries men stopped women from doing pretty much anything. for centuries, women were not allowed to act on stage. men acted the roles of women. sure, the first film had a woman acting in it. but she was not directing, or filming, or producing, or screenwriting. she was not allowed to by men for decades. jesus fucking christ, do you know anything about history? men stopped women from doing anything for centuries and yes, discrimination still exists in all forms today. this was to show that discrimination in the western film industry is coming to an end.


@futuristic_m_e it is to acknowledge how women are starting to become involved in film production as more than just actresses. there are still so few women in other areas of the film industry such as directing, producing, cinematography, etc and even fewer get nominated for awards. this was to express how far we've come in society, letting women trickle into a male-dominated industry. its also to show how few women there are in those categories of the industry. smfh learn a little before you spout shit


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I love this moment during the ceremony. It get me goose bumps


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@jordan_reinecke they get acknowledgement all the time. Men are far more oppressed


@niallmaggs it was fucking IWD sit down and accept that women still need to be empowered because there are still so many areas in which women are unequal. No one is saying that by asking women to stand men aren’t equal, it’s actually acknowledging women because they hardly ever get acknowledgement


@gretajo14 and men used women’s power to make it seem as if the women did nothing


@miaveranika30 I AM DEAD AT YOUR COMMENT! I thought the same thing when she said it! πŸ˜‚


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