Troi Irons

just wrote this...playing with harmonics and the looper pedal 🎸




Beautiful Girly ❀️


Beautiful 😒


Liked by L3x and Orianthi - Girl - you got it going on!


Amazing voice


Beautiful! And I miss your face btw! 😘


get it!!😍


I can already tell it’s gonna break my heart then mend it back together just like the other songs. ❀️ @troimusic


😍😍😍 I swear your voice sends this chill through my body everytime, shit's a constant reminder that I'm human. #Beautiful 😌😌😌


this is amazing


You're amazing! Will you ever tour in Europe??


Unbelievable 😍😍😍


Lovin the loop😜


Beautiful, you're a true inspiration 🌹

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