Keep it going, grandpa.

Keep it going, grandpa.




@aariaswami damn now i know why i’m dumb


Kafamın güzel olması için yaşlılıkta da aşırı sevişmem lazım, duyrulur Bay Sönmez😌 @cenqsh


@supi1308 gonna send this to bobby after some years ;)


How do we know it's not the other way around?


...ain’t got no grandpas left tho


@tammtammie i knooww🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


@egeorge33 even when we’re 90 lol 😂


@kacpo let it happen then


@jmei2013 Are you calling me old, woman?!


@sammeeregora well, I guess we'll be pretty smart old people


@alexecke11 I’ll see you tonight then


@alexecke11 Let’s do it for our health


@shefsober manong k jan hahaha kaw nmn manang haha


@pranishban lol positive vibes 😂😂


Me as grandpa in my future 🔥😅


@phoebechoy you are gonna be the smartest granny i know


@themessyhipster Ohh yeaahh bruhhh even the kids at that time won't beat us 😅🤤😍

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