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@kipetje6 hahahahahah dat hebben we toch niet nodig. We are already fit enough πŸ’ͺ


@w.heeraa we kunnen het proberen toch?


@kipetje6 hmmm die plaatjes kloppen sws niet. Ik denk niet dat je alleen van thee veel afvalt.


@w.heeraa wat denk je hiervan πŸ€”


I ordered Fit Tea back in November, and they lost my order. When I asked them about it, they claimed it was still shipping. So after 40 business days when it hadn’t arrived I asked again. They finally admitted that they lost the order and wanted my shipping details to send it again. I asked for a refund instead...which they said would take 3-4 business days to’s now been 10 business days and they are not responding to my emails and have not given my money back. I am so unbelievable unhappy with how this company has handled the situation.


How to take it ??


How to get it? And for how much?


@la_china0482 ma this is the tea


Hey there. Just to check, one packet will last for how long?

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