LeBron James

My own zone! 👑 #NoLabelsVisible #IfYouKnowYouKnow😉




Anyone knows which are those sneakers? Thanks


Should come out with your own cologne


That’s some lit joking around🤘🏼


King Jamës💕💕💕


king ama drug pyt


I started writing rhymes in October 2003 when I was 15. The same time u played your debut vs Sacramento and I always wanted to be the LeBron of rap. Never got a deal but I still never gave up because of u. Salute my guy!!


What a style




Parabéns campeão!!!


@emadufresne idk how you’re not obsessed w him too




Golden State will whip his ass.


Good luck in LA you are the real GOAT 👑 👑 👑 👑


You don't trade Cleveland for the 2nd time can't believe you did that


lil sexc ass >kyrie


Hey bro you ever thought about Portland? Just saying 👀


Nice 😍


Ur coach ain't ready


don’t give up


#quackquack with the duck lips


Yeah @ smoothie.thekidd, he knows that its time to Loooooooosssseeeee !!! I admit that the King is the most physically talented big man of this and many other era's , but Jordan is the most competitive.


Don't worry champ let them keep doubting you and ya team you know what you gotta do ⚡⚡🏀


La verdad q el chico tiene su flow @juan_vilches_16_




@nxckb sauce is crazy


@kingjames you and @ygtrece need to come to philly , @klaythompson out here talking shit about how the rest of the nba needs to get better when he ain’t even a top 15 player. Please shut this dude up ... PLEASE !!!



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