That's the main highlight of their face

That's the main highlight of their face




@biancakazemi breathing problems


@nimanrobin hahahahahahagaha dom har breathing problems låt dom va😂


It's true there are slot who do


This makes no sense.


@kambolic it's not true .


@esem.91 hahhahaha ... true


@sarahlouisehall you are a statistic


Bruh😕 stop spreading crap yo...😧😧


@nazmangola general thoughts about iranians are terrible around the world🤦‍♂️


@rmsf_ have seen this LMAO


@mcatenacci helt fel! De är sjukt stora bara haha #genetics


@farazfalsafi thanks for your complete response! 😀 As you said, their image proves they even don't have any idea about burka and nose! :))


@malalai so sad. But don’t dismiss your afghani perfect nose job


Persian hijab is completely different from what you have on the background..that’s how Arab girls wear hijab


No it's not aboat hijab! Search more!


hahahahah fanns inget bättre o säga @paayaam21 @piidram


@priyankakalsi hahahhahahaa the world won’t profit if women dint felt less


@f9rn9z کامنتارم یه نگا بنداز :|


@joygoldplanet Haha remember when we had this conversation?

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