Try that next time

Try that next time




Lmfao whaaatt 😅


I'm going to start doing this ♡ @magicallystulicious ... so I can have more friends... ha ha ha ha ha.


@pandajones so he did good eh


Razão porque aceno quando não está ninguém xD @xanampc


@sophie_arnold1 omg let’s do it


@miaaarons I’m doing this


@taranortlieb @hannahfraser_ what about confidently yelling random names in lift lines?


do that sometimes. works. and enhances my confidence level too.


@em.kozned Don't worry she's coming back tomorrow


Except that you would look like an idiot


Well looks like I'm not very likeable then😂


@ssedasonmez sana bir kaç taktik


@shaini.wilson yes . This is me waving at my imaginary friends 😂😂


@shanelkapat you’re doing it right !! 😂😂


@megsleon @jessdolinski party tricks, play the game guys


@lisasimone_ probiere mer doch mou😂😂


@iamelcarkyuh this is so youuu

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