Yang jaket abu abu jangan sampe lepas,masih gua pantau,pengen gua karungin... @nabilashmr


Is that Eminem behind him?


Saw you for the 3rd time tonight in Auckland. You’re amazing! Please pay Supermarket Flowers more though!! I know it’s sad but it’s good and matters and for some of us it helps us get through the day! πŸ’”β€οΈ




Af, the best


Oh london jest i lover


@teddysthings it looks like you asked someone 🀀 and you say that you dont care !!??! WTH


@teddysthings who said that i am


We had the same day ! Ah ah ! #πŸ¦‹


What beauty of a photo


Erschreckt von dem Wurfe weiter von dem Haus


i’ve done a few covers on my account of your songs and it would make me really happy if you could go listen to them❀️ (i really hope you see this🀞🏻)


Your music is shit


Love your beautiful music Ed! ❀️🎢🎀😊

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