It’s all your fault @kealasettle @greatestshowman #Tokyo #thisisme



@thehughjackman such a good film watched a million times #love




Please come back in Japan someday!💕💕💕


Mr. Hugh Jackman


😂😂 good 😂😂 lmao....


My favorites 💘


LoL that is so funny


@boydell_gracie I’ve watched The Greatest Showman 9 times now... I don’t know what my life is! 😂🤦‍♀️


Best Musical Show I've Ever Seen Before


I think the greatest show is the greatest musical movie I've ever seen


Suuuper LOVE 💖 The Greatest Showman 👌🏻


Love! Love! Love the movie and the entire cast!


Mexico? No? ):


Best movie ever 😘😘




It was the best movie after a long absence. I will go to see it again. I want a DVD as soon as possible.


Hi.I'm living in Oita, Japan, working as a high school English teacher. I went to see the movie three times. I had a daughter at the age of 28 and this is the first time I have ever watched late at night. Now I am 42. So amazing, I like all of you cast and crew and thank you so much for bringing me joy and happiness to my life. ありがとう😊


Suele pasar, felicidades a los dos...@thehughjackman, @kealasettle


Suele pasar ! Felicidades keala seatle


I love the movie #greatestshowman! The cast was great and the story was amazing!


I watched The greatest showman It's amazing movie😭✨ I will continue to support you👍💕


Just watched the Greatest Showman tonight... what can I say...Brilliant!! Well done! Thank you the joy this movie has bought so many, the cinema was Alive and full of people singing along. Absolutely fantastic! My 7yr old said he felt like crying he was so happy, thank you!


Mặt gắt thế chú


Blitzendes Geschmeide


el mejor


En Europa le quitaron el alma

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