Damn, get this man some help!! Keep ballin Kemba. Coach, Cho...need to go! Bad contracts, bad scheme, bad drafting....you can’t expect to move forward when the people making bad decisions are still in their positions!!


This is so satisfying


ALL TIME HORNET 3 POINT LEADER....Enough said....please don't go Kemba


Drain em'!!!


Almost slapped Jordan talkin bout trading Kemba. Outside his conscious mind...


Makin’ it rain 🌧️


Stop posting him y'all said yall was gonna trade him lmao


Check us out! @queencityfame You're gonna love it!


🐐🐐. But are we gonna win cause of those tommorow?


Are we gonna win next game


It feels like in my opinion that Kemba Walker is starting to make the same amount of threes a game as the splash brothers from Golden State.


@jcrunyon16 @nba2k How bout we bump Kemba up to at least an A- in 3s now?


@brektyy but he can’t hit one in 2K..


All-Star King Kemba


Lets go hornets




That’s bro 🏀🏀


Infallible!! 😊


It IS good to do that à training but we want that in match let's go Hornets💪👊✊


see you march 10th 🏀❤️


Get that man some HELP @hornets


I find it odd in crucial moments he takes these type of shots and miss badly


All Star Kemba

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