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#regram @fuckjerry it's definitely data, not data

#regram @fuckjerry it's definitely data, not data




@pooyade1 80% mign day-ta :)) not datah 😎


I say daeβ€’ta not dahβ€’ta


it's day-ta


It’s actually data, guys.


no way. data!!!


There's actually 3 pronounciations.


Da ta or dayta?


Potato, potato,
Tomato, tomato


its obviously data not data (no but i pronounce it day-tuh, the other way is nastie smh 😀😀)

@_ig.ty its pronounced data not data wtf


@andrewnlw I think it's deyyyy taaa 😏😏


@matt_gohhh or is data or data?

@_ig.ty it’s day-tah


I think it should be pronounced data


@jalexiawright πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ is the only answer.


@rykyjettkitty haha that’s great


@digs918 what my autocorrect does to ur name when i text..... Data lololol


its dah-tuh


It’s da-da not day-da


which ever one you read first is the one you pronounce!


I'm.doing the same thingπŸ˜‚


It's daTA !!!




For Cara Its deater Cuz she english af


Data Sounds nicer But Im sure Its data normally

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