#Cavs fans be like πŸ˜„





Kenan and Kel??


Wait is this about


Imagine going to a cavs game and your friend tells you a joke and later you go home to see yourself just put in the cavs page


@fgs_michael Tb to when I was totally fine if we would let Lebron in a sign and trade situation with Golden state


Kodak black and teddy ray


Neden acaba 100 mac sonra kazandΔ±gΔ±mΔ±z Δ±cΔ±n mΔ± πŸ€” gerΔ±zekalΔ±


Jalen Ramsey?


Oh you know dis!!!!


GATA pass it around


@kingzach23 if the Cavs win a title he’ll stay


I can see LeBron staying now the Cavs look so much better now


@peoplegottago Lmfaoo im playing around πŸ€§πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Dirtiest monkeys in the jungle @hm


Thats a lie


Been like what


@majestic_hero wasn't a joke but okay


@willyumoo look at the whole thing I wrote about it was one game and apply that to what you just said

The end of the page