#RedPanda: what a legend!




That’s the real Fckin talent


@fifilattouf imagine if it was a dog doing that, we would have to hire them to make an appearance at your birthday party


@lhaikal these half time shows just get me


@aidanstewart_ aw mate dinna she freaks me out


The best is Tabaris Jones!! She is amazing


Easily the best halftime entertainment in the bizz


@zkrocek I was wondering that as well.


Where area did the show come


That is so so cool.😎Like me.


Most entertaining half time ever


@mati_cadieux ela Γ© mtoooo foda!!!!


When I daw her do this for the first time during halftime I was blown away. #amazing #redpanda @rebeccalynn8989




She was at Maryland vs Wisconsin


@polianaraamosd JΓ‘ cansei da cara feia dela πŸ˜‚


So she got her unicycle back that was stolen?


@kieranward__ @wongziti3 that’s our future wife


Duplicate in every single season...


@calebjnelson___ why I never go on your instagram


I just saw her at the Duke vs Georgia tech game this is a cool show!


I thght she only did warrior games πŸ€”


@bedheadjedd we are all witnesses

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