@rogandapis wkwkwkw liat atuh curry mah kurang dari half court coyyy, pwrnah bisa ga james ? Nooo, gitu doang mah pemain NBA wajib bisa


15 straight points


People at my school telling me Steph better than him I'm like boi please (no hate on Steph but he is NOT better than Bron)


This is the reason he’s the 🐐


The Best


You telling me his foot wasn’t on that line in the 3rd shot but they gave him the 3


Much love for you cavaliers and specifically lebron James my favorite basketball player in the NBA league


@darragh_ducey nearly as good as me


15 straight points ❤️


I'm loving the new look!


Can’t stop rewatching


That’s hoopin’


@amoopeyman kheyli jalebe peyman bebin chand emtiaze poshte sare hame teamesho khodesh ovord!yedoonasham yeki dg nazad


This roster is worth every penny!


Look so easy for him


@_blucassantos química do time tá ficando boooa, Jajá tão jogando o fino do fino


@danny.whitee Saric can't called the king 👑 dropped 60 on your head 🦁

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