Martin Edström

I remember this moment perfectly. Me and @sealfrun were up with the sun to people-watch. This is very early morning, with a cool breeze blowing in the massive tamarind trees above our heads.

We saw these young nuns chatting away as they went on their early morning pindapata (when they gather food from the locals, since they are not allowed to cook for themselves). While monks and nuns can sometimes be depicted as aloof and distant, these girls hung out and laughed all morning. You can barely see it in the shot, but one of them is extremely busy texting on her phone.

For me, the whole image is about the holding of hands between two of them: symbolising that close, physical relationship that you usually don't really see in photos of monastic life.

#myanmar #buddhism #nuns #pink #women #asia @myanmartourism #natgeocreative

458 Bagan, Mandalay, Burma





Lovely thank you 🙏

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