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Happy Love Day! 🌿
Valentine’s Day isn’t something I really celebrate, but of course I have to for bookstagram! I REALLY struggled with which of my favorite OTP’s to post for today (I ended up picking Scott and Ramona because it went better with some of my challenges lol). Other favorites will be posted the rest of the week!
QoTD: Who’s your ultimate OTP?
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It’s a bookstabestie shoutout for #chpbfeb18 - I’m tagging all the ladies that have made this community so special for me! I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, I’ve barely slept and haven’t had coffee yet ♥️♥️♥️
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😄😍 those funkos




Malec is a high one and so are Rowelin but I might have another fave after last nights reading 🤣🙌🏻


Oooooo I don't know! Probably Will and Tessa, or cough cough Will and me 😂


Ahhhhh! This is so hard! I have to say Kel and Dom from The Protector of the Small Quartet by Tamora Pierce


Tessa and Will. They will always be my favorite!!! And this is gorgeous!


This is so pretty! Feysand! Or Will & Tessa. ☺️💜


Aw this is gorgeous! And of course Feysand for me 💕💕


Romionie! ❤️


@_shelby_reads ah. I'm so behind on the lingo.


I'm going with feysand 😍😍I enjoy the half off chocolate tomorrow 🤣


Thanks for tagging me you're so sweet 🙊❤️


@_shelby_reads 😭😭😭🙌🏼🙌🏼


@margaritathedrink YESYESYES it’s taken some time but I’ve decided that I’m totally forever shipping them 😭😭


Jem and Tessa 😭😭 I need them together forever


What does OTP mean?

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