Rachelle Rice, NTP, C-IAYT

“Until you forget everything, you will never live in your heart.” -Ashtavakra Gita
This line from an ancient yogic text has been my mantra and my motto for over a year and a half since stumbling across it in my certification as an @irestmeditation teacher. It refers not to the literal forgetting of everything we know about the world and ourselves, but to that all we think we know must fall away if we wish to enter a moment with heartfelt presence. That means whether I am meeting myself, another, or the world, I have a choice - to do so from the expectations, judgments and analysis of what I think I know, or to fall into a sensing mode with body and heart that is fresh, alive, open and responsive. One further divides the world, the other unites us. Here’s to forgetting everything that we might sit in our hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day my friends, from my dusty West Texas trails to yours.
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Beautiful! And it is a practice of Love 🌟


Happy Valentines Day to the Edwards family’s favorite yogini ❤️


Just love like crazy for you.

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