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On Sunday’s episode of RHOA, the ladies packed their bags and headed to Barcelona on a girls’ trip, except Kim Zolciak because she didn’t want to travel without her hubby Kroy Bierman.
Now y’all already know Nene Leaks wasn’t here for Kim’s excuse and said that Kim always has a “million excuses” as to why she can’t travel anywhere, or without her man. Sheree later told Kim in next week’s clip that Nene said that she fakes being sick, and Kim shaded the hell out of Nene.
“NeNe said something to the effect of that Kim’s the only person she knows who had a stroke, blood clot, open heart surgery, cancer and thyroid problems,” Sheree said.
“Is this bitch for real?!” Kim said. “So you think I’d lie about a stroke, I’d lie about having heart surgery? She’s f****g scum and I won’t’ even acknowledge it.”
She then added that NeNe parks her “Rent-a-Royce” in handicapped parking spaces and has roaches in her house.
Kim must really feel some type of way about all of this because she went off on her Bravo blog about the whole thing.
___________________________________ Were you surprised that the girls did not want you to bring Kroy to Barcelona?
I wasn’t surprised at all! Some of these same girls complain that Kroy drops me off or picks me up from events. It’s bizarre. You would think that they would support my healthy, happy marriage, but then again they don’t have that, so why would they? It’s evident that they are envious of mine.
I had a stroke, which NeNe clearly likes to mock and make fun of. My stroke occurred within an hour of—Read More At




Tour so right @_inferna no woman or girl should act that way. Wheres the self respect???


So what,,, some if not most don’t have money to rent a vacuum at Walmart.


Petty Betty smh 🤦🏻‍♀️


These women are too old to be acting like teenagers


🗣️Yes that’s what we think 🙄


Why is Kim even on this show🙄🙄


I don't care for Kim


Someone said have another stroked pleased. I'm done!😂


They too damn grown to be still beefing and gossiping like they in high school 🙄🙄😒


@southernbellefromhell yes she better find her own story line


@barinnelyse 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you're absolutely right about that. Porcha should have had enough of the drama after last season 🙄


@cecepooh_1994 ..Kim is as jealous as they come. She doesn't feel that any of them should have anything if she doesn't have it and/or wants it. Kroy doesn't even have a spine.


@irresistiblybri wasn't that, Kim didn't want to go. Had they brought the men it would've been something else.


@boujeelabels ...more like her massa.


@iamniecys ....she acts like a darn teenager but, what else would be her storyline other than repeating simple stuff, along with her new side kick ding bat there?


Kim is and has always been a big liar. Even if her Rolls Royce is what! She rented her house before she was put out, slept with a married man, made out with a stranger on the street, lied about cancer and threw her own mother out of her home.


I just hope that young girls don’t parrot the juvenile behavior and gossip these grown women carry.


Porsha really that dumb to not know the difference between sarcasm and truth .


she could neva shade the Queen Nene hunty! 💁🏽‍♀️


Sheree is the definition of messy! Porsha too


Sheree is soooo messy. She’s only talking bout nene now because her armed robber boyfriend might have been involved with her 🙄


@niecyisapastor2 I don’t understand why they keep bringing her on the show. None of the other franchises has black cast member on it.


I’m the hottest upcoming rapper from Mar$🤟🏽🚀 check me out


Sheree is messy af! 🙄 @prissy_riss


Sheree’s only storyline is to instigate sh*t 🙄 #GrowUp


Damn Sheree..


Sheree too old for this girl bye


I don't care for Nene because money definitely got her thinking she better than her so called friends but damn Sheree can't hold water, she stay with the he say she say. How old are these women? Too damn old 🙄


This show is sooo messy....I cannot.


Sheree is so freakin messy.


Also is anyone going to stop saying things in front of Sheree, clearly she can’t hold water

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