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#PressPlay: #FloydMayweather says he’s not just a #ValentinesDay type of guy. He said he treats his lady(s) good 365 days of the year! πŸ‘€




Lol ok except for the ones he beat up πŸ™„


Thank YOU!!!! That’s exactly why I’ve never celebrated VDay! That should be thru out the year NOT JUST ONE DAY!


Somebody starting to look a little old here


Here go this wealthy MF starting ish πŸ˜‘


365 +4 =369


But don’t he beat his woman like they’re heavyweights πŸ€”πŸ§


Start now send me your chain.


Ahah ms. This might started talkin like he was bout to break down a political debate. Ahah he took forever to say that.


@juniorjoe94 many are ungrateful, so only 4 days are special.


You better preach Floyd Mayweather


@its_kreme_baby stay a good woman before and after the gifts and he wont be mad. Simple


@mrweli all through out the year oo, dazz everyday oo πŸ˜’πŸ˜


Says the guy who buys his women gifts and takes them back when he's mad


@chiomaorakwue That is it!!! He's a smart guy! That's wisdom right there.




He is a fighter which means he could be a warrior. Therefore I think he has the caliber of discipline to successfully accomplish the mission.


when you got money to treat every 365 day like that then i guess you can talk about this


I know that's right


#Amen!!! I like that!!!❀️

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