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#PressPlay: 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz has been identified as the gunman in today’s mass shooting that left at least 17 people dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He is said to be a former student who was expelled for disciplinary reasons. His Instagram page also had several pictures of guns and knives and a teacher told reporters that he showed warning signs. #Roommates, we will keep you posted as more news is released. (View previous post) #TSRUpdatez Via: @abcnews




If that was a black man .... ain't no jail. It's straight to the grave.


@cith.laly you just rephrased your words a bit now.


@cith.laly that's deadass what you said before and just not but ok lol.


@_etemova that's not even what u said at all💀now u just switching things up but ok


@cith.laly you implied he was white cause he isn't hispanic which was my point lmao.


@_etemova i literally said he is white and was adopted by Hispanic parents💀I did not imply anything. You just assumed.


@destorm I've been saying the same thing. #staywoke


I'm not trying to start any mess but am I the only one who thinks if this kid was another race...hed be dead?


Did they stop at a fast food place to get him something to eat like the last shooter? They didn’t feel they life was in danger to shoot this guy like they do to people they pull over?


Notice he in a hospital gown and not a prison orange suit hmmmm #PRIVILEDGE


If he was black he would have been murked on sight.


@cith.laly ok but it seemed like you implied he's not white he's Hispanic .


You guys posted a video with two shooters...why are they only talking about one? And why did you guys pull it?


If he was a black man....


Y'all knw what I wanna say but I'm not. Rip to those KIDS


@jay.cee34 cause that's not what they do 😂😂 tf


@_etemova ok I never said it was


Amazing how they took him alive.


@_jessicafitzgerald yea but the problem is that hes not but 17 other innocent kids are and countless unarmed black/brown people are killed by officers n never receive justice for it. thats the real issue.


@cith.laly how is this did you see good morning amercia looks like his people were white to me


I swear to God m sure the NRA community would act if there own kids got shot by a lunatic!! Yeah people kill people, yeah you can get kill by literally everything ... paper cut or bus.. but keep in mind that the sole purpose of a gun is to kill so why a random person can get access to military gun ... to do what?? Please explain this to me #commonsensenotsocommon


Where's the jump suit ? Don't put him a gown like he's sick , dress like the criminal he is , the terrorist he is !


@this was know like a week ago lol like wtf


I would of dragged him out of that damn car they treating him like he something smh 😴


Is he an egg? Why so gentle tho?hmmm 🤔


But why y’all ain’t choke him up like y’all did my mans Eric Garner for selling CD’s 🤔🤔

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