Did you know #PepStart Pout Restoring Night Mask can also be used as a quick 5-minute intensive lip treatment? Apply a generous amount, leave it on for 5 minutes, then blot with a tissue. The super rich balm deeply hydrates and conditions lips, creating the perfect canvas for your color. 💄 We love to use it under a matte lipstick for an extra comfortable finish. Get it now exclusively @sephora. #Clinique #beauty #makeup




@clinique need to try!!


@cassidyandco We are so sorry to hear this, and we’d like to help! Pls email details to We'll be in touch to assist.


Loving this look!! Hope you can check out some of my work! Keep up the amazing content.☺️💖


Love this stuff just bought it and makes my lips so smoith and hydrated!


@emmavdgaag dit is die ik gister liet zien


@evavdo1983 Zeker jammer. Lijkt me super


Sorry is not nice efect on dárc face


@lizespronsen nee dit is speciaal voor je lippen wel van pep start waar jij de oog crème van hebt


@evavdo1983 Is dat niet dat nachtmasker wat wij ook hebben?


@minnesotajennifer I think I’ll try this for my pout


Purchased @clinique superprimer a few weeks ago which claims to colour correct redness. This product made absolutely no difference to the redness on my nose, cheeks or chin. I rarely complain about products on social media, and have yet to do so publicly, but feel really angry that I've purchased an expensive product from a brand I trust that does not do what it claims. I only buy from reputable brands and feel very ripped off, I look forward to receiving a response from you soon so I don't have to take this further. I'm a long time customer and so feel very upset. I no longer have my receipt so don't feel comfortable asking for a refund in-store




Hey guys follow my Clinique counter page please!!


How beautiful is she? 🌸💕💛🌹


@lizespronsen Zo balen dat we die niet in Nederland kunnen kopen!!


Clinique is one of my favourite and more trusted brands. I particularly love your chubby stick lip balm for natural makeup days, and I just had to share my love for it on my new beauty recommendations and reviews page - I would really appreciate it if anyone would check it out and give me a follow! 💚

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