God the size of it


@666shotgun no, Here in Panamá, Canal is real men


@feeneymichaelr no, is Really :) here in Panamá


Eso fue aquí En 🇵🇦 Panamá


@mdkoppenberg 😂😂😂😂😂


I’m not sure 🤔


Trip the little guy and run😂😎




@tomschlachter damn it straight ripped thru that gate


Run bitch. Run!!!!!!


Super cool :)


Take lots of pictures


I'll legit anal it


Run for my life




Curiosity kill the cat


Shoot it and make some designer shoes


Move out of the way ....and arm my self with s shotgun that have slugs....


@masc1122 I saw this happen in Mexico


@fer.cmoreira hahahahahah os danger no Brasil são com jacarés. Suicidas, no caso


@azffig wrong, it happened in Panama


@diogobicalho você viu a placa escrito aviso?


I would leave the area and call the local animal rescue centre. Let them deal with that. What you have to do is to ensure you and your coworkers are safe :)


It's not fake. It happened in Brazil, in the construction works of a hydroelectric plant in the Amazon.




“Good bye cold cruel world”


Stick my thumb up it ass I'm an Aussie

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