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Photo by @babaktafreshi - The World at Night photography
Happy Spring! Stars of the Big Dipper above apple blossoms in the Alborz Mountains of Iran. The Earth reached the orbital point of vernal equinox yesterday which begins the spring in the northern hemisphere. This also marks Nowruz (New Day), the Iranian New Year and a major celebration for other Farsi-speaking nations and related cultures along the Silk Roads, from Kurds to Turks, Tajiks, Uzbeks.
On UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Nowruz is originated more than 2500 years ago in ancient Persia.
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Haraz, Mazandaran, Iran

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Happy spring everyone ✨💖💖💖✨ Picture by ✨✨@hobopeeba✨✨
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Paris, France

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Working Together | Photograph by Todd Klassy
Combines and a tractor harvest wheat together in the fields of Havre, Montana.

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Photo by @paradox7_
Nineteen-year-old photographer Rohang Mishal (@paradox7_) reframed his view of a typical beach scene for #WHPblackandwhite. “We were talking and cracking jokes when suddenly the beach drew my attention,” says Rohang. “The tourists, the ferry, the man striding by — plus a cameo by my favorite shoes — I like the raw emotion of looking at life.”

Goa, India

Blue Ridge Mountain 🏔️
Starting #BestOfTheAlpsRoadtrip yesterday with @audiofficial #bestofthealps #audi

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Sudan, the last male white rhino on Earth, passed away yesterday at his home in Kenya. Photographer @amivitale was there after covering Sudan for many years. Vitale - "With a heavy heart, I share this news and hope that Sudan's legacy will awaken us to protect this magnificent and fragile planet. Yesterday, Zachariah Mutai comforted Sudan, the last living male Northern White Rhino moments before he passed away. Sudan lived a long, healthy life at the conservancy after he was brought to Kenya from @safari_park_dvur_kralov in the #czechrepublic in 2009. He died surrounded by people who loved him at @olpejeta after suffering from age-related complications. The two female northern white rhinos left on the planet are his direct descendants. The impact that this special animal has had on conservation is simply incredible. And there is still hope in the future that the subspecies might be restored through IVF. Support this important work:"


chasing winter // mountain escapes w/ @garethpon - I basically didn’t take a single photo all weekend but I did shoot a couple videos on my phone 🏂

Park City, Utah

My favorite street.

Takashimaya Nihonbashi

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