Amazing: The gun control debate could pivot in the very near future on what some very articulate teenagers who survived a shooting said on TV and what some wealthy members of the president's club said to him. Because trump stands for absolutely nothing without knowing how it's playing on tv.
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@_kyle_arnold_ Ya, right, trumptard! 🤣🤣🤣


@grizzlygrown You're an ASSHOLE


I’m joining their party too


@kevin.andersen72 until they come and take them.


@mikeriz09 No asshat they are traumatized and angry‼️ Appropriate at this horror and will take action. They are NOT elementary age and many can VOTE (seniors). 💪💪💪


@the_kentucky_fan So sorry you’re upset that real humans were murdered b4 they could live a life & is humans feel their pain. Enjoy your ugly life as you will enjoy Hell🤮


“Whatever party that is” world wide -please


All you fucking liberal pussies on here bashing Trump. What have you done to help the victims? Donations? Hell fucking no. All you chumps do is bitch and complain. How many school shootings were under that piece of shit obama? Fuck all you sumbitches


@emergen.c.kitten like what every other country that has strict gun laws all still have had mass killing, and all still hav problems with illegal gun manufacturers maybe you should


@afonso.martins why is my common knowledge different/less worthy than your common knowledge?


@passion.for.truth you should probably try studying game theory and solutions that have worked in other comparable countries


Hillary Clinton is the devil.


Lol trump is never allowed to smile again. You guys so salty it is sad.


@kevin.andersen72 what are you gonna do? Defeat the strongest military in the world?


These kids are brainwashed


You should probably try researching false flags, crisis actors, fear-mongering, tyranny, and the history of gun control a little more...you're playing right into their hands


There is nothing more that can be said about the piece of human scum. How much more can a once great nation endure ?


@axel.likes.music how do you know you’ve never tried it 🙄 worked in Australia kiddo. Works all over the rest of the world where there’s gun laws in place. An 18 year old doesn’t need an automatic rifle.


@ryancovan he has a soul just a narcissistic one. The Russia tweet at the end confirms that although there’s a 100 other incidents that prove he’s highly narcissistic.


@kevin.andersen72 at 18 you need all that but can’t buy a beer. How backwards are the laws there.


I’m with them ✊🏾


@ryancovan apparently they looked for it could’nt find it might be a reward out for it🤷‍♀️


Lol y'all can debate about gun control all you want but I promise you I'm keeping my high cap mags muzzle breaks collapsible stocks ain't nobody stopping me from having my constitutional right to own guns


@ryancovan I respect your opinion about trump. Honestly, I think we can all agree we want some action taken to prevent these shootings from happening. People get too caught up in the politics behind the issue.


@ryancovan I think he has a soul. People sometimes think that just because of the way he reacts to certain situations, like sending thoughts and prayers without doing anything regarding the Florida shooting. So he has a soul, we just want action being taken to ensure less students die due to these guns being way too available to people. They should be heavily restricted due to the sheer destruction, purpose, and rates of deaths due to them. Trump is simply a very disliked man, but I think somewhere deep beneath his orange skin there is a soul lurking around.


I love #jameshodge❣️👍🏾


Political party .. Georg Soros


Ok the politic party is called George soros lol u guys trippin


God damn he attends a party, gives a thumbs up, thats batshit crazy


And also the picture was of him with the first responders that helped. And then last picture, y'all better be joking cause every damn shooting y'all all scream gun control. Trump made a great point. The FBI knew about this potential shooter since September and they've done nothing! FBI also knew about Adam Lanza, Boston Bombers and others. We also learned within the last couple of weeks that the FBI has used a fake dossier to spy on Trumps administration! If you're not mad about the FBI then shame on you. Their job is to protect. And they could've prevented so dadgum much.


Can someone honestly tell me how trump has no soul? Like I want an actual fact based argument, not a "opinion."


Trump is the best president of all time.


Wow. Really?


@mie.gw from comon knowledge


@mie.gw from comon knowledge

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