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Bianca loses it! #LHHNY #LHH




He started the beef!!!! Bxoxo Axx Nxoxox, forreal!!!


@queens_bestfriend lol shit for me it's either talk or cry gotta pick one 🤣🤣🤣


He feel guilty and you can tell. He just admitted he was wrong and tried to rationalize what he did.


Yea he's a hoe ass nigga period and the other bitch is weak too


This just made me dislike Bri even more. She doesn't even have a legit reason to beef with Bianca she only doing it because somebody put a battery on her back and gassed her to not like her.


No type of tears coming out


Who is this man? Wow it's so crazy how this show always has popups like this. #Keeps us fans wondering


@_sharicelashay he betrayed her. he was supposed to be on there with her the first season and here he is with Bri. I’d lose it too. Especially bc he flaunting and acting nonchalant for the cameras.


Niggas mo messy than a bitch! Sucka ass shit


@nesiaforever Yes she really does because she's hindering herself. I feel a majority of it comes from her lack of trust in others to ride with her through it all, ie Yandy.


@brenda__1594 yea we all wish they do but it's too late now bri has dis song about Bianca an Bianca has a dis song about bri friend an I'm pretty sure they both saw this episode an still nothing changes.


Bianca just can’t be coo for two minutes 🙄


He's not even taller than you! Lol!!! Fuck boy!!!!!!


Yeah he is a bitch! You fuck boy!


He's a bitch. Yuck!


@sandeeluv He’s disloyal asf but she’s going to be fine I see why she’s the way she is also she gotta stop popping off so fast and conduct herself as an artist otherwise she’s going to have a lot of law suites and she doesn’t need anyone coming up off of her

@sunniereigns don’t explain NOTHING!!! To these old ass blind ass hoes if they can’t see that he started shit between two FEMALES !!! Then their very fucking old and bumb

@sunniereigns because the other girl was feeding into what he was saying and coming for her all the time


@sandeeluv I'm really thinking you Steve Harvey 😅😂😂😂😂


He is a bitchassnigga. When Bianca came on first season, he was suppose to come on with her and help explain her story and why things didnt go as planned after her big song. Last minute he pulled out and claimed he couldn't speak on his work with her due to legal aspects. Now all of a sudden he is on the show rallying behind the new girl. He is fake asf. @biancaisking hold your head up❤️


@biancaisking is such a talented artist and I’m praying she makes it and put all her nay sayers to the back she got skill and never let them tear you down mamas 🤗


Off brand ASS twista


His ASS ugly his self


I hope bri and Bianca squash it and realize this dude was just messy . And there was really no beef.


Guys be the low key messy ones starting shit . They should've teamed up and jumped his bitch ass. Lol


Respect for her for going to the source


why do any of you people watch this garbage


guy friends are assholes smfh


Bitch ass shit man!!


He's a bitch..


What type of man does that type of shit! He's wack for that.


@ilike_my_girls_bbw_ lmaooo oh ok my bad 🤦🏾‍♀️


@arikari__ I know I’m saying what she to safaree was fucked up though, Chile I know dj webstar lol


@ilike_my_girls_bbw_ thats not Safaree. Thats DJ Webstar 😂


First time i seen sis cry 😫


@miyaxciii “lil fat bitch” LMFAO


Hurt people hurt people.....

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