L I N D S E Y • V O N N

Tried a new core/arm exercise today...eccentrically loads the abs. Gonna be sore tomorrow!

39,147 Red Bull HQ



@s_b_pica right up your alley


@whatsadultinganyway kewl!! Looks like a burner!


@eli.micho looks like so much fun!!


@tedmercy we gotta try this


Are you kidding me?


@alexnardoni_ I'm down!!! And oh I see I see haha I was trying to understand it but don't think I fully will till I try it out haha


@errr_ka12 hmmm we should try it out at the gym!! I can see how it works the abs try to keep that arm and leg position


@_beccaann we have to try lol


@hannah.fonseca that’s what those are for


@alexnardoni_ I'm curious about this one


@janahnetynka @jessicasantellan this looks like it might be fun to try




Good luck




@marieleecorne mais t’as juste le rouge... ça va être trop facile...


@cathferron tu me montrera comment en faire 👌🏼


@habulka oooo we can have some fun with this


@marieleecorne c’est ça que je te disais... fafa.


@raegon711 this looks interesting 😉


@the.mother.roux omg this looks insane


@maya.duvillard ahah je vais essayer de me lever de mon canapé avant


I hear Tiger had one of those hanging over his bed just for her.

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