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Go to the link in my bio and watch this beyond incredible woman who survived the mass shooting in Florida speak her mind #wemuststandtogether #emmaforpresident #EMMA #MYHERO

Go to the link in my bio and watch this beyond incredible woman who survived the mass shooting in Florida speak her mind #wemuststandtogether #emmaforpresident #EMMA #MYHERO




She bullied the shooter


She bullied the school shooter... Im not saying she deserved being in the school shooting but she was one of the people that helped drive him. If this was 13 reasons why shed be on a tape


Why post something if you don't know all the facts? Please stop all these support posts, it's like a desperate attempt to be inspirational.


The hero is the kid who died holding the door not her or David Hogg they have no clue about guns. They act like guns are the issue bullies are the issue


Wow! People replying in here are well informed! Definitely Cara isn’t 🤭


"Incredible woman" - she bullied the shooter and openly admitted to it if you see her as role model....


@betholiviaa “thank god for trump” do research then come back and reword your comment.


Love her. incredible


I was looking for a reason to continue following you. Thanks for not giving me one!! Lol


she’s an ignorant child who has no clue what she’s talking about


How is she a survivor if she wasn’t even in the building? the kid who held the door for people while getting shot it’s a survivor is a hero is someone people should listen to but no let’s listen to this bullshit. Fuck Emma she’s an attention seeking cunt


I'm sorry what


If you bully a kid into suicide you are arrested but if you bully a kid into homicide you become the leader of an anti gun movement


@swiftyjames95 you have a point, my bad. I will learn to express myself better


@lucasorendain your grammar is atrocious how can you expect to be taken seriously writing something like that. She is an idiot though.


Artists, as always talking nonsense. They live in the matrix all the time, now they come out of nowhere to support a shitty communist. Emma is not heroin, it is nothing more than a fraud, communists are not heroes of anyone, they are villains. Wake up, Emma is just another communist tool with a single purpose, to disarm the good citizens. USA is a strong country, and will not be shaken by this communist game.


How dare u


gua kira elu cara yang botak


I feel sorry for your hero standards.


@caldwellrandy64 she bullied the shooter Mr hippie..


@arielnicholeg God forbit anyone does research for them selves.. it's 2018 people get their info off Instagram and Twitter. It's a shame more people aren't using their brains like you are.


@oheide03 yes and she’s scum and ppl need to read into the story more rather than just seeing what’s published on media


She is not a hero, a warrior or anything of the sort. If people looking into the story they would come to find out that she was an accessory to the kids bullying in school. Stating he was weird and people picked on him and she seen it. So how can someone try to make themselves a superior when in fact that superior gutted herself there. That kids went off on a rant to hurt the people who’ve been hurting him. Rather than put the blame on the shooter, find out what actually made him become triggered rather than just be there for the kids he turned on. Not all of them deserved this but I bet his singled out certain ones for reasons. I do not like her will never like her nor will I ever condone anything she says, I cannot take advise or warrior/survivals from someone who brought this fight all on themselves. It’s time people stop talking shit and learn that consequences follow just that. #fuckemmagonzales


Let her become president, and the united states is going to become a lot more harsh. More violence, more debates on Congress, and the american people would be controlled by this dictator who would possess our nation into throwing away our rights of defense, and then by the time you would wake up. You'd hear on the news "Purge" and how other nations are succeeding from us because the president you hope to be elected would tell other countries leaders to listen to her and no one else and that will cause separation and no more allies for us, not even Japan, Korea, or even France. Donald trump makes a great president and he is doing great things about this situation that you yourself cannot describe


And openly admit to it


Didn’t she bully the shooter


no brains what so ever in this generation. NOTHING... God have mercy on us...


@rebeccaajulia fuck u bitch what u gunna do cry and complain go drink bleach nigga


@joseph_w.i don't say that to anyone. Never


She's a fucking dumbass and I wish she got shot


Incredible young woman.All the power to her.From an old hippy who protested war.Still do.!!!!😊


@hannahfrradette but makes it okay for people to bully others? Dumbass


Sorry i don't agree she bullied that kid she is just like Trump a big bully


She could just bully her opponents to shoot up their offices

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