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🛀 tubby time 🤗 ❤️ We love you @huxxi
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@jerry_caron puggo of my dreams❤️


@aumii48333 55555ได้แน่นอนนนน ไว้แต่งงานมีบ้านก็ยังมีบอม


@chippee_ ไอ่บอมจะได้แก่ตายไหมน้ออ 55


@drmolina28 está super viejito pero q lindo ese angelito


@pielcanelapasion cuando este el pichi asi 😟🙁


@lauracastillo93 el mío se queda igual seguro


@_w.m.__ 白皮胖一點~


@haoneill91 huge chillmeister


Ci sarebbe qualcuno interessato a seguire un percorso di benessere insieme a me naturale al 100% per tornare in forma?
Se pensi di essere interessato/a scrivimi in chat privata. Grazie mille!


This pug is how I’d look if we had a bath @hodge_bear


@_w.m.__ 真的欸!蠻像的

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