Fast Fridays 💨 @roushperformance RS3 x CV3-R

Fast Fridays 💨 @roushperformance RS3 x CV3-R




CV3’s can make any car look great!!


@ehakim17 lol you paying? My car puts down 410whp and thats good enough for me for now


@ehakim17 Its a roush stage 3, car probably puts down north of 650whp


@stephen_s550 fuck the wheels, the body kit 😍


@ehakim17 Love the car, but wouldn’t put Vossens on it.


@elemental_chase they look so good


looks awesome


@evil_smurf_ look at your little brother


Is that grabber blue


Killer combo 💙💙


@jpelectricman amazing and need this


🔥🔥🔥🔥 I 💙 my CV3r Wheels in Graphite 20x9 front 20x10.5 rear @vossen


Perfect combo!

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