Portland Trail Blazers

It’s cold in Utah but it was @3jmccollum putting the game on ice

EnergySolutions Arena




تخصصي ترين مركز شبكه ي پارسيان


He's underrated


Night night


I don't mind those jerseys either for the Jazz but the should have the bottoms matching with more yellow orange rather than black.


It sickens me that alot of so called Blazers fans talk about trading 3j. He's one of the main guys.


Cj made their defense look silly and drunk


Everyone like my Dame Wallpaper


Sauced ingles. I hate that guy


At least Utah has great new uniforms....


@cascade_kid_ im a blazer fan but like wtf those jazz jerseys are like my favorite jerseys in the nba rn


Cj hitting daggers in the final minutes but I just wish he'd actually create chances for other when in the pick and roll. Its always justs picks when he has the ball and the others are just there as props.


Its cold here 2


@bleacherreport this is the reason people always look past Melo #dontsleep #ripcity


Team work ! ❤️🤪


@cascade_kid_ I sincerely feel bad that jazz fans have to look at those things for 48 minutes if they want to watch their team plah


@richhomiedec @joeyyau all of those were so wet!!!! He’s fireeeee


Great game CJ, but I want to take this time to point out that Utah’s court and jerseys are TERRIBLE! Bring back the mountains of Malone and Stockton


All Star


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Caption goals


All Net I can hear the splash

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