wrong tag 😂


Lol me


Steph is shooting free throws Every time on this shot...


It’s videos like this that make me mad I can only like this once.


It’s what he does


You misspelled CJ’s last name


@allaroundpolls nah but I’ll vote on your polls lol


That english tho....


@daniel_leeee lol follow me yet?


@allaroundpolls nope you just copy and paste lmao




That must have been one hell of a flight from Utah to Arizona


plz bench Shabazz for the rest of the game


Need to beat teams like phx though




Stop shooting 3s Jesus Christ go in the paint


11 points?????????? Really? With the suns?


We’re losing to the worst team in the NBA and they’re trying to lose, we’re missing everything


How are we losing to the suns??????


If sun's beat us I'ma burn down modacenter @trailblazers


HOW are we losing to the Suns

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