He put us on his back




Let's go Blazers let's win today and beat OKC . Let's win


@_audrey_faye_ just saw this haha Lillard time!! And again tonight!


That’s what I’m talking about damion


@please_nofufu after a back-to-back, heating one of the hottest teams in the nba? Yup solid win


How y’all almost lost against the worst team in the western conference


@leonardducaj winner of the 3 point challenge, the only bloke carrying your team


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Glad this man is our Superstar!


@victorrolfe worst conference in history son, @ me when u guys win the finals lol


@kennethzc worst conference... there is only two πŸ€”πŸ˜†


@victorrolfe your team is top in the worst conference, calm down


@ianandrewnelson he came in like a wrecking ball


I need to get blazer games... :/


@rrbxj no we shot aweful from 3 and still smashed a 13 point lead for the win. Not luck thats dames talent alonge with cj haha


You slipped a win past one of the worst teams in the league... calm down.




Still by far my favorite point guard.


Amazing win


12 game winning streak baby!! Lesss get ittt


Damian Killard. Hands down. #ripcityontheyass


Whats new?


What a beast. Go Blazers!!!


Amazing! I called the win when we were down by 15. Always believe!


Every game


Great way to stay focused with two seconds left πŸ’―πŸ”₯🐐


We were down like 13 with 4 minutes left I really wanted bought we were going to lose Thank you πŸ™πŸ½ Dame

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