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Most of us in the northern hemisphere are lacking Vitamin D. In the uk you can get it tested for free at your doctors. The easiest way to boost it is to take supplements.

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@evaangelstar hi, I just sent you message with my email address.


Thank you Darren 😊 How do I book a consultation with you?


@evaangelstar the best way is to confirm with a blood test how deficient you are, then use a liquid/spray vitamin D supplement as they are absorbed easier. Then recheck your levels after a couple of months to make sure you are not over supplementing. Warm regards Darren


Best way to reach optimal level?


@kathychan1 yes, very simple blood test, but check the results carefully as the normal range is quite wide which means optimal and normal results are not the same thing. We are looking for optimal ;)


I had no idea you could test for it?!

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