L I N D S E Y • V O N N

I want to give another huge THANK YOU to my team! Thank you guys for helping me achieve my dreams and supporting me so much through the years. You guys are the BEST and I’m so very thankful! Roll call- Alex Hödlmoser, Chris Knight, Alex Bunt, Patrick Rottenhofer, Heinz Hämmerle, Lindsay Winninger, Robert Trenkwalder and all of the @usskiteam staff. Thank you❤️🙏🏻




the best team in the world.👍🙏❤@lindseyvonn


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Lindsey Feet Pictures Please


Lindsey Feet Pictures Please:


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Team Vonn.


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Thanks sooo much for our country!! Go USA!! 🇺🇸 😻❤️🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼


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Bravo Lindsey!


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You are so cool and a real leader. ❤U LV


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Without support we would be a little wobbly and not reach our potential. Always nice to be recognized for providing assistance. You are a class act.


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You didnt get gold though :( @lindseyvonn

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