L I N D S E Y • V O N N

Back in the gym and getting creative with my core work. Thx for the insp @carlinisles #stillworking @vonndogs

Red Bull HQ



The @freeformboard is oustanding! Nothing really compared to it!


@shirkystet I wish we could bring Gerty to the gym with us 😭


@ceciliamendesbarros esse q imaginei mesmo...gostei desse tipo tambor


@talitharuzza Achamos o exercício que comentamos rsrsrs


@ameeraaaa.a hahahah that’s if I can even get my feet on the round thing first😂


Shieeettttttt I’m trynna imagine u doing this and I’m dying HAHAHHA @nadzyyyyyyyy


CrossFit got to her


Hips is magnificent


Omg Pommel is sooo hard 😂


@b_vanstraat good idea for our summer abs


It’s so fun watching Lucy watch you work out! She’s so cute! 😂


This is badass!


This is great. Try and keep your hands on the horizontal lines each #circle.


@louisestovegard 1 vecka sen dansar breakdance på klubben såhär 😉


@lindseyvonn can you tell me what this equipment is ? I sure could use one to help with my training . Thank you 🙏


@louiseolstad det skal vi da ha!


@ceciliegrave Ej sådan en her vil jeg have i fitness!! 😍


cont at about 90% i lost some motion in left leg


LCV u do not seem to baby ur repaired arm whoever did ur corrective surgery & rehab did an excellent job as you torque on both arms equally....ur repaired arm has got to be at least be alittle stiff. do u have the same range of motion I have both hip repl and i am back


förvilla måståndarana ???


PS. I am a big time dog lover and trainer/cheerleader Lucy cracks me up. U can see her devotion to u & u to her...nice touch


As a prior athlete i admire ur work ethic and goal oriented life. I know u will crush the record on shere attitude alone. How ever I cannot root for u I basically because I do not care for the inner u. In the whole world there is not a better outside surface package


Ur dog is watching highly interested and a little irritated 😂


@freeformboard Thank you for that.

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