L I N D S E Y • V O N N

Loved this look for @theellenshow by @jeffkkim! Watch my interview tomorrow. Thank you for having me Ellen 🙏🏻❤️

Ellen DeGeneres Show

Loved this look for @theellenshow by @jeffkkim! Watch my interview tomorrow. Thank you for having me Ellen 🙏🏻❤️





Do you want to marry me?!??? 🤓👑




@lindseyvonn You’re from the land where the beer flows like wine...a place called asssspennn! Anyways, you have my heart Lindsey. I believe we will meet soon and I’m rooting for you. Whatever comes next I only hope for love, peace and prosperity for you Lindsey Vonn! God bless you,


Who made the dress!? Love it!


con"t dress covers surgery scars well


When I first saw this pic I thought about a 14 on a 10 scale


U are beautiful... and my new celebrity crush. Not if you’re a celebrity as they pale in comparison to an Olympic medalist


Like the Sun.


@lindseyvonn you make me thirsty


@lindseyvonn Du bist eine der schönsten Frauen und ein großes Vorbild für viele. Weiter so💪👍




stunning dress




Wow, amazing !


Who’s the designer? it is rad!


That gift Ellen got u suct 😎😎😎😎


You were great on Ellen💗💗💗


Damn you are looking really good here and you were looking really damn good on the Late Late Show


Damn woman!


Wunderschön ⚘


You’re killing this dress! 🔥


You are truly a stunning human being. In so many ways. Good for you.


Schönheit :-)


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Love it. That dress has gotta b no 1!!!


⭐️❤️🤩 beautiful !!






Beautiful dress

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