(Cont. from previous post) On Sep 16, the entire apartment complex was evacuated due to a smoke alarm from the second floor. When the Fire Department arrived not a single @greystarapartments management staff was on site or came during the whole evacuation and a resident who was a volunteer fireman had to assist them.

After three months of this, we took Greystar to small claims court. Their attorneys responded and we went to a mandatory mediation where Greystar didn't appear because it was the Monday right after the long Thanksgiving weekend. After receiving a letter that they had the lost the case by default for failing to appear, they had their attorneys send in a long request asking the judge to reopen the case. Their whole Greystar office used the excuse that they never received the notice of the mediation date even though they received every single notice before that. Their request was granted and we once again went to mediation and then to trial.

At the trial the judge found Greystar's favor because weed is legal in Oregon and by this time Greystar had already moved the resident that was smoking incessantly even though they did not evict or fine them, but simply moved them to another unit in the building. Exactly four days after they won the trial @Trisha.Lobdell had their attorneys post this notice on our door, evicting us as revenge.

Albert and Goyanggy are both emotional assistance pets and are not at all capable of "causing damage to any persons or property." 😢

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How much is the white cat price?.


Sorry to hear this. I think for those interested it would be best if people message Trisha Lobdell on LinkedIn and let her know what people think of her. She seems and sounds like a real opportunistic human who will do whatever it takes to get her desired aim. Not a nice person.


I hope everything is okay!! Did you move?


That is petty. How can a cat harm people??


Qué importante el tema del vídeo. También, que lindas voces que tienen! !Qué todo salga bien! !:)


Typical bullshiter behaviour: Fabricating bs to abuse power.


This same thing happened to me! Our upstairs neighbors were rude and disgusting white trash. They didn’t like us so they got on the managements side and basically made up a story that was impossible because we weren’t even home at the time so they would terminate our residency. We would’ve been on the streets if it weren’t for family. Now we have a place with a backyard which is much much better for our cats and dog. I wish you the best of luck with this situation because people can be shitty.


Wow @greystarapartments whoever is responsible for this should face some sort of disciplinary action. You know this is not going to go away. These are obviously good people and it is clear you have some sort of agenda. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


That's horrible! You know what's crazy? When you go to @greystarapartments Instagram you find pictures of dogs BUT NO CATS! ... coincidence? I think not!


teganya orang lain bicara seperti itu padahal mereka lucu dan baik 😞


Omg that white kitty is a cute baby, i want one


the only harmful animal is about to be me 😤👊🏼 @greystarapartments 🖕🏼🖕🏼


@syzwnii Tgk kucing tu dduk diam sahaja pastu pndang² org😊


they're jealous because you make more than them posting videos of your cat


Omg thats horrible!! 😲


@izaki_gps i want both so cute


So ridiculous! Good luck fighting the lawsuit! 🙏🏻😥😿


Never mind I saw...you're in Oregon. And I am so sorry you had to go through this. But there is such a thing as Karma. When things like this happen, it means something better os coming. I hope you are all living in a better place? If not...seriously, get out. They can legally enter your apartment as is stated in the contract. Please make sure your babies are safe. I would move.


Where are you living now? Unbelievable. And are you in Oregon or California?


Saw you in a grapevine mall ad


R u still going to make us all laugh


What’s gonna happeennn


I love both of them. How can anyone even think that they’re harmful. Really strange. Everything will be alright I’m sure✌🏻


This is crazy!! I hope everything will work out soon for you


That's so awful of them to do that to you all! I'm so sorry


U an ürb


I'm so sorry ❤️ cute kitties by the way, melted my heart the way the little white one was looking up so lovingly


Hold on, please.


Where are you now? ❤️


Lolololol it’s just weed though... 😂😂 i understand it might be a lil smelly but shiiiet at least it’s not cigarettes or cigars😂😂 sorry y’all got kicked out though... people will always have something to complain about... 🤷🏼‍♀️ can’t please everyone i guess. But definitely do what you can to fight this! If you want to stay in your smelly weed apartment that is😜... otherwise maybe it will be best for everyone involved if you find a new, better, less smelly place with decent landlords😬 then everyone wins..???


If they're documented as emotional support animals then I think in all states they have to let you have them in an apartment


Where is that cute boy now? I'm missing him and his pictures and videos😔


Ethically wrong and the example of the corporate greed that exists. I hope you find somewhere that is better suited for you and your fur babies. Xo


Are you still making instagram pictures and videos

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