Anne Curtis

When you get this for lunch break 🍜

When you get this for lunch break 🍜




tabemono daisuki


What ramen resto is this ms anne?


Badtrip nmn oh.. tagal pa ng sweldo @annecurtissmith eh!


@be_gail badtrip! Natakam tuloy ako!


You need naruto in that ramen 😂


The raamen look good. What ramen place @annecurtissmith? I will be visiting Japan next month.


Wohl ritt mit seinen Degen Siegfried der kuhne Mann


Tabetai ramen🍲


@jhearrazon @ohmyissa the real special thing 😍


Wow! This is what I really miss in Japan ate Ann! 🤤🤤🤤

Ate Anne try mo ichiran ramen. The best!


Mukhang masarap yung buhok buhok sa ibabaw. Lols


Check-out my Page for amazing food shots and experiences 😘😘😘




Wow! is that Tonkotsu Ramen? yum😋


@euniceliz pag finallow ako ni @annecurtissmith im gonna love her for life. 😍🙏🙈🙋


@ckting2 uu na nga ehehe


@euniceliz uu. Sabi sayo eh. Hehe latepost lang yung sakin. Haha


@ckting2 kaya pla nag crave ka haha


@euniceliz ramen lunch ni anne curtis. 😊


wow cup noodles


gi pa gutom jud ko nimo anne noh, hala na buang

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