Goodnight My Boo I Love You @chrisbrownofficial Hugs and Kisses 💋Solid Foundation ❤️Thinking of You 🙋🏽💕😊💕😴💕😘


Thats a pretty veiw


😍😍😍😍😍 wish i was there!!




I love this😍


Ogni tanto sei romantico anche tu 😍❤️ @chrisbrownofficial


I take the exact same pictures randomly favorite part of the day when the sky is red @chrisbrownofficial


Christopher @chrisbrownofficial what is going on #KING ???? I HAVE been trying to connect with you.. nut know luck I know you see me to ... is this how we are again? 😠 I am agree now


Y que bueno


God's natural majestic beauty


@amylamlsy 要这个老婆


Beautiful !!!!


I just want to remind you Chris brown that you will always be my favorite artist 💕


@x_markz_thaspot lmaooooooo I be trying not to sneak in my comments 😂😂😂


@nailsbyblee scrolling on my man page look who I see B!!! Girlll lol 💋❤️


It's beautiful

The end of the page