For Taipei style star @molly_chiang, life never gets boring! #HMMagazine knocked on the door of her #PFW hotel room to find out how she tackles some of the daily struggles of life on the fashion month circuit.

Paris, France




Bonjour @hm ! Le trench vert et le pantalon sont-ils disponibles à Paris ?! Thanks a lot !


Addicted AF!


@touchea_ HI Cheanell! You can head over to our H&M magazine on our website for this fun spring look. We were unable to find the items featured, but we're sure you love these pieces just as much 0599502 and 0627734. Happy shopping!


How can we get the top and bottom @hm


there is sale. pls


@hm really? I didn’t see. I’ll check it tomorrow 🤓🙌🏽


@stepanovaellen Hi there, this trench coat says fab and fun all over it! Shop by your local South African shop to pick it up.


When this trench coat will be on sale in South Africa?


Did you pay for the lunch you grabbed?


This week's challenge? Ripping off artists' work in Taipei!


this is so lame, you only promote ignorance


Hello is whole set available in Macau ? @hm thanks a lot !!


@kayla_marinelli this company is all about ripping off ppl w/real talent, so if u hav ever appreciated a piece of art or the artist who created it, u mite consider #payrevok #boycotthm

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