Charlotte Hornets

Team Stats ➕ Malik Monk is the @sprite Player of the Game #BuzzCity

Time Warner Cable Arena

Team Stats ➕ Malik Monk is the @sprite Player of the Game #BuzzCity




@defaltmode the nets are better then 6 teams right now


@defaltmode the nets aren’t the worst team in the nba😂


Finally you play him for once


Tell me I saw this right. The Nets, the NBA's Cleveland Browns beat a somewhat decent team like the Hornets??? Lucky me I don't have a jersey or that thing would be on fire right now.


My man getting them minutes little by little✔️🔥




U guys need Knox


I don't get it. No moves at the deadline to get better or worse. Welcome to the 9th pick in this years draft. #nomansland


Michael Porter JR


Y'all trying hard to get that first pick


Trade batum mkg Marvin


Thats what happened if youvplay monk he will give you 10-15 points


We need Trae Young and a bench


Why are we so bad this year?


@dhouse97 thanks for chiming in I’ve enjoyed this banter


@jjenike55 great my dude saw this comment scrolling through my feed and thought I'd pop in


@dhouse97 hello hoose how are things


@jjenike55 embrace the tank


We’re a disgrace


Man y’all ain’t getting in the playoffs a few years from now


Why do y’all love losing so much?


🐐start him

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