Play it right β€” accessorize your accessories. Shop these pieces through link in bio #HMπŸ–€
Earrings with tassels: πŸ”Ž 0292453
Watch: πŸ”Ž 0417427
Bangles: πŸ”Ž 0608005
Earrings: πŸ”Ž0635289




Really nice profile, would you check out mine?


Nih birunya yg kya gini @diaaahaf


See that blue earrings :p @saaraasiddique


@cameronjsims this is a cool video and it’s 6 seconds!


@consuel_ena Hey there! The code for those awesome earrings will be 0635289. Happy shopping!


What is the code for the middle one pair of eartings?


Ih mirip ama temen kitaπŸ˜‚


Play it right, drop the court filing against artists.


@rez4b ouais y son mieu car la ils sont dans la marde a cause de ce qu’ils on fait

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