Charlotte Hornets

Know Your FINAL Score ... HORNETS WIN! --- @LendingTree x #BuzzCity

Know Your FINAL Score ... HORNETS WIN! --- @LendingTree x #BuzzCity




Whatever the truth is the truth get real about it


@chambers3000 how can you be so sure man? Things happen and no one knows how it will end up. Besides, no one here wants any negativity like that.


@peter_anward_94 no way guy it won’t happen we are the hornets there becoming a joke like we have been most years


We got a win lol


Enjoy the #classicnight must do it again next season @hornets




We should tank dammit


@young_daggerdick321 lol you made it a lot less enjoyable


Let's goo!!!!!!


at least against the suns


@dwyanesuede they scored 43 points in the fourth like how thankfully Nicolas batum the GOAT clutched up


Let’s also not forget we’re making a “playoff push” and came out dead enough to get pounded by a team that is 24 games under .500 two nights ago.


@dwyanesuede we had a 22 point lead going into the 4th 😂😂


Just tank please for the love of god


@joshatkins96 and we played ulis so checkmate


@young_daggerdick321 and we played our Rookie lol dw, you Booker didnt change anything but let us play our easy players XD


We could possibly win 11 of the remainder of the games and that would bring us hope to make playoffs. Let's not give up guys.


Congratulations thanks for the win


We didn't have JJ Book or TJ but enjoy the win


Only by 7? 😬


@trav.finney we’ve won like A game without him


@trav.finney if booker played it would of been a whole different story


Well... we had to


Weren't we up 20-5


Good job.


I was at the game 🏀 🐝


@daniel_baucom @sports_top_performers Don’t worry, we’ll win our next 15 and make the playoffs


I mean it is the suns so...


Need to tank


Why would we win 🤦‍♂️

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