Charlotte Hornets

Check out some throwback pics from the team's collegiate playing days and head to to read up on some of the fiercest rivalries they took part in along the way!!! #BuzzCity

Check out some throwback pics from the team's collegiate playing days and head to to read up on some of the fiercest rivalries they took part in along the way!!! #BuzzCity




I have kemba uconn jersey signed


Give bake pt


Buzz buzz


God uconn needs a coach


lol @ Lee Melchionni. Dude looks terrified


Kemba and Lamb were a dynamic duo at UCONN. Then we got a couple Wildcats, a Heel, Seminole, Badger, Hoosier and Utep


*sigh* Go UConn?


marvin's tarheel days omg 😍💪


@gshaddock man what we’d be a middle of the team pack for sure.


If only they were as dominant of players now as they were back in College, the @hornets would be amazing.


@adamwilson2002 Well at least you got the Dwight part right. I just expect more from people I guess


@trey_thompson_thatguy frank and Marvin aren’t terrible 😂 and Dwight is great (even tho he didn’t go to college)


@adamwilson2002 Cody is mediocre. The rest are terrible.


@trey_thompson_thatguy Cody is good. So is marvin. And frank isn’t bad either


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@rryanmcdonald Marv isn’t a busy at all




@rryanmcdonald Austin can’t even start for his pops tho. Dion... lol


@schrodingers_gato_36 Dion Waiters and Austin Rivers


@rryanmcdonald Myers Leonard, Royce White, Dion Waiters, Mo Harkless, Andrew Nicholson, Fab Melo, Austin Rivers and a host other players were chosen after MKG. Which one of those studs would you take over him? 🤔


@rryanmcdonald Again, that’s subjective. His game now is exactly like he was in his one year in Lexington. Long length, rangy, steals and could absolutely lock down an opposing player. That’s the same thing he brings to the table. He’s not a bust, sorry you feel that way, but if we (hypothetically) cut him, teams would line up to sign him, that’s not a bust lol. Look at Cleveland, they have no defense and not one of them could cover a bed. You’re calling him a bust for offense, which was never his fortay, so you’re not being fair to him in that regard. He’s doing exactly what he was drafted to do; play lock down defense and rebound. 2K teaches all offense all the time, as LBJ and Cleveland how well that’s working out :) Notice no one is lining up to sign Kendall Marshall? Anthony Bennett and Thomas Robinson? Those are busts. Two of those were drafted right after MKG and were rated higher lol.


@schrodingers_gato_36 But if he lived up to his expectations which he didn’t, that’s why I call him a bust because he was insane in college and was suppose to make a bigger difference on the floor than what he is


@rryanmcdonald Also, pull up the 2012 draft, over 20 of the 31 picks aren’t in the league anymore. Again, careful with revisionists history :)


@rryanmcdonald He is not a bust, but not superstar; he does exactly like I suggested; he fills a role. He’s a great defender and usually guards the opponents best perimeter scorer. I assume you hoop right? How do these concepts escape you? A guy drafted at 9 isn’t going to be LBJ, nor is he Anthony Bennet or Johnathan Bender. So you’re saying he doesn’t help on the floor, a liability? That’s a bust; see also; Adam Morrison. It’s not that binary, fam 😂 I get it, a league with 300 players, and 10-12 MAYBE can be considered superstars, you do the math on that. Not that black and white


@schrodingers_gato_36 So what you’re tryna say is kidd-gichrist is not a bust😶


@rryanmcdonald Busts, hardly lol. Revisionist history aside, who’d you have taken? Better yet, make your call for who we take this year and stick to it. You realize that the draft is to fill your roster right? lol. Not one team out there is 13/13 with superstars 😂😂 You’re lucky if you get 1/13. Bust examples are Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown or Anthony Bennett. Too much 2K, my dude.


That NC squad tho. Damn i miss those days lol


All peaked


All our players were college superstars now they are decent. Other than kemba ofc.


Other than kemba college is the last time they were good 🙃🙃🙃


@schrodingers_gato_36 they are mostly busts besides Kemba


My boy Howard was to good for college

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