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I didn’t take a lot of photos driving through Montenegro and Bosnia, it was rainy and I wanted to get to Croatia before dark. They were definitely some of the most foreign territories I’ve seen.
I also had to bribe the border officers twice because they told me my vehicle registration wasn’t properly done, but I question if maybe they just knew they could play on my fears. I laughed it off, they played with Momo and one of these men pointed at him and affirmatively stated “cute”. And they’re right. He’s cute. He’s even getting much better at his ”go look at that view” pose.

18,592 Montenegro



Absolutely beautiful pics! 💕💕


Momo is in Croatia! 💓 welcome!!


Long play date but liking this photo!


amazing ❤️❤️

I love your beautiful landscape pictures. Momo is absolutely the best dog


Such beauty in your photography 😀🐶


You & Momo be careful & safe in your travels over there 💕💕💕


You are a amazing — as is your dog. I am inspired...👏🏼🙏🏼🐶


Atmospheric photos 👌


So sorry you had a bad experience! They do it to locals too, corruption is one of the biggest problems in the Balkans, sadly. Hope the rest of your experience in our little corner of the world is positive! I would love to meet Momo if you come to Vienna!


Stay safe!!!


Great Travellers have to live the corruption on the roads worldwide. Part of the roadadventures! Keep smiling and just move on!!🤙🏼💸 they will never have the opportunity of live their lifes as you do! 🐼🚚@andrewknapp @the_south_american_roadtrip


Spring is here


Just bought your book and I love it.


@biggiesmollz I decided a very important item on my bucket list is meeting Andrew and Momo one day. yes it was always there but i decided it’s HIGH up


@andrewknapp welcome to Croatia! 😊 hopefully you'll make a stop in Zagreb 😊


He's the world's best model! super doggy model


@andrewknapp Oooooh my!!! Momo is in Croatia! If you’re passing through Split and want to have coffee with local who loves Momo’s stories give me a shout! Would be so happy to meet you and Momo


Fantastic !


Being allowed to play with Momo should count as bribery, lol! Sad you didn't have the best experience with Montenegro, though. My brother was there when he was in the navy and he said the people were beautiful, tall, and friendly! But I'm assuming that whole 'coming in on a US Navy ship' thing made for a completely different experience. Maybe next time will be better. Have fun in Croatia!!


@andrewknapp they may be telling the truth about vehicle registration. When we were driving in Switzerland we needed one. I only knew about it because a friend of mine had done it before, otherwise it would have been easily overlooked.


Yep. We had that problem in Albania


I love these little stories. I hope, in addition to the #FindMomo books that I obsess over, that you'll also write a book book (text-filled book?) of your experiences traveling and photographing, of course filled with lots of Momo also.


My Great Pyrenees struck a similar pose for me yesterday, but the view was an aisle at Home Depot 😂



I hope you're visiting Serbia, too! 🐾🐶


a dog helps a lot at borders🐶


When going to Bosnia always take some change for police and border patrol 😂😂 it’s sad actually...

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