I like to have never found it it was camouflage so well


It's a well camouflaged snake


I doubled clicked trying to make the picture bigger so I could see it better, still haven't found it. :P


Yes i see it


Nossa 🐍


Oops. Copperhead. You’d better be careful when you take lions for a walk, Kevin.


It's funny that it's difficult to find what's going on here when you don't see it. But then you did, you'll see it forever.


It took me a minute.. but AMAZING when I finally found it..


@realjasonmatias wow! Very well camouflaged.


You just made 41,000 likes


That is the power of camouflage😂😂It's incredible at how well these animals adapted to their environment


@rafaelanunesx top, achei de boa, mas msm assim é um show de camuflagem


Oh my god that is a Viper


Yikes, I actually lifted my feet off the floor. Nature is incredible.


Snake... Amazing click... Took a while to figure out. 😁


Gabon viper






Pretty Boa


At first it looked like a pile of leaves, until I looked closer.


@dr.evanantin check out this page!


U got to do better then that, come on try again!👿


That's crazy


Wow! That was so hard to find. Amazing camouflage!!


Oh wow 😮 that was hard!!! Took me about 30 seconds to find it!!



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