Cute baby cow 🐮❤️
Credit: @ratiaranch

Cute baby cow 🐮❤️
Credit: @ratiaranch




@bigrocky cherry on top


Pretty girl!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💜💛💛💛💛🌻


@aaaamp_13 you can have a pony if i can have a cow


@dimas_pimentel essa vaquinha tbem amor! ❤️


Essa vaquinha tbem amor! @dimas_pimentel ❤️😍


Please support our baby antelopes! ❤️ @thulawildliferehab


man can eat all...


Looks like me! 😅


@jojo___young or we can get a baby cow


Vaquitaaa muuuuuu 😂🐂🐴🐄


@eden_pow thank you so much that is such a compliment 😭


@kaleecreswell you if you were a moo cow


@brewskie_91 this panther cow I want!!!! 😍😍😍


Babyyyyy 😍


@riccardo_perrone due gocce d’acqua


Oh quiero tener uno


@kwong819 the face ur friend makes when he says hes going vegan

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