“From cuddle sessions to funny expressions, Google Clips has been helping us capture every moment with our dogs- especially the ones when we aren't looking! To get the perfect shot, we simply clip the camera to a chair or rest it on a table near our dogs. Clips gets right to work by automatically capturing and saving the most candid moments!” writes @harlowandsage #googleclips #ad #dogsofinstagram




Lovely! 😍😊


@aineconlon our family😎❤


@zorawar0609 - such a gansta picture !


Squad goals 👊


Hi friends!!!😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️


Too cute and a crazy bunch!


Nice group of dogs!




Give us a photo of your clip set up. And how do you ever get them to sit together like that! Mine were boy girl and would seldom sit on their love seat together. Please!


woof! woof! 🐾 stopping by to say HELLO 🧡 Caicos here, a new pup to the IG world. 🌎 Looking forward to starting a PAWversation.⚡️


slide for even more cuteness @luke.chal1233


@averyzasty this pic is blessed




Love the new addition 😍😍

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